A history lesson: Run-Over-Pedestrian-Gate

Srikar Vallabhaneni’s answer to What are some of the most controversial answers ever written on Quora?: an account of Run-Over-Pedestrian-Gate (Sep 2015).

That boycott threat that initiated Cordially Resistant? Look at the list of people who in fact did boycott Quora, for two weeks to a month, in the wake of Run-Over-Pedestrian-Gate:

Quora gossips will be amused by people boycotting Quora while distancing themselves from other people boycotting Quora.

One of the people doing the boycott started a career of Quora dissidence then. One of them was close to ending it, and was banned shortly afterwards. One of them was banned as a result of it. One of them is a good egg. One of them no longer posts here. One of them is as inner sanctum as it gets.

The upset against the instigator of Run-Over-Pedestrian-Gate was considerable, and the issue of personal intervention in Quora decision-making much more overt. This was a game played at much, much higher stakes than the bans of teen Quorans we have seen more recently.

Did anything come of that boycott?


Eivind Kjørstad, Sep 20, 2015

I don’t know if it’ll matter to you. But I’d like to tell you that some very minor steps DID get taken towards rectifying 2 of these wrongs.

First, Marco Procopio’s block got reversed. Marc acknowledged that blocking him was wrong, apologized, and undid it.

Secondly, Feifeis identical question about USA has been reinstated, and is no longer deleted.

Personally, I’m still disappointed in the way this has been handled, it’s good that those 2 things has been fixed, but I’d like to see a unblocking of Feifei and Noel too.

Read on in the thread:


Eivind Kjørstad Sep 20, 2015

I’m starting to think that it’s problematic to have the Top Brass for moderating the community be as active as he is in participating in it.

I mean, Tatiana looked at it, but you can’t really expect anyone to manage to neutrally decide on whether or not their own superior at work broke the rules.

Besides; even when the evaluation truly is fair; it will give the impression of not being; and impressions matter a whole lot in situations like this. If reasonable people reasonably get the IMPRESSION that Quora handles such things in a poor way, then that’s a problem no matter what the reality of it is.

And there’s one more thing; If you’re in position of authority like this, it’s really not enough that you stay a hairs breath inside the rules. You want to stay such a comfortable distance from the edge that nobody can even reasonably accuse you of having overstepped.

If you’re top brass at a anti-DUI-organization and you’re pulled over with a BAC of 0.075% then you’ve royally messed up; even if you’re in a state where the legal limit is 0.08%.

Instead, what I hear is: “I really think my behaviour was marginally on the right side of the limit, and employees of mine confirm this, so I don’t see a problem.”

And that’s a problem.

For better or worse, I don’t think we’ve had anything *that* blatant in the past two years. And there is an upside to the Quora staff not using their own product—at least, not as much as the particular former staff member did.

Eivind Kjørstad, btw. Once again, confirmed as a Good Egg.

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