How do I convert names from English to Lojban?

The rules are here: The Shape Of Words To Come: Lojban Morphology

The summary of the rules are:
* End in a consonant
* Start in a pause or consonant
* Do not include “la”, “lai”, or “doi”, since they are particles introducing names
* Come close to Lojban phonology
* Allow stress not to be on the penult, but indicate it by capitalisation.

Because of the American basis of the Lojban community, you will see djan /dʒan/ more often than djon /dʒon/ for John.

-s is the default final consonant, though some have used other defaults, including -j or -x —because they are less common.

English being schwa-rich, you will see lots of <y> in English names. So Melissa [mɛˈlɪsə] > melisy + s > .melisys. Washington [wɑʃɪŋtən] would be

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