Is djent an irregular verb?

Djent (which I hadn’t heard of coz I don’t get out much…

… oh hang on, it’s the onomatopoeia! Djent djent djent. OK, carry on…

) could be a verb, sure. It’s English, we do that. We had a DJ here (the famous Molly Meldrum ) get in legal trouble 30 years ago, because he said to someone “if you want to funk, funk outside”, and someone misheard him.

But making it an *irregular* verb is just being perverse. Irregular verbs are irregular for historical reasons, and analogy. If you make a new verb, there will be little linguistic motivation to make it irregular; people will just assume it is regular.

Geeks used to make the plural of VAX vaxen in the 70s. But they were smartass geeks, making a point. Are metalheads smartass geeks?

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