How can Quora and the Quora community more effectively educate users about the mechanics of how Quora works?

The community has been trying plenty to educate users:

How do I get started using Quora?

To the extent that Quora Inc has posted official answers on the Using Quora topic, Quora Inc has also been trying to educate users.

Hands up those of you that have never seen either.

What Quora is not doing effectively is steer new users to either of those resources (in fact, force feed them). You get an account, boom, you’re in, good luck. Because the UX orthodoxy is that sites should be self-evident, and all onboarding is a bad thing, apparently. (See also Vogon Constructor Fleet.)

The answer details of What are the important things about Quora’s onboarding process?, written in 2010, say “I believe Quora’s on-boarding process to be the best in the industry.” I find that prospect terrifying…