How is your accent in Farsi? Could you record the passage from Shahnameh in comments to let us hear how you sound in Farsi?

Eh, do you have to actually understand Farsi?

Thanks to… (and we all know how reliable an online dictionary-based transliterator will be with an abjad and a millenium-old text), I have… attempted the following.

Vocaroo | Voice message

This… will be interesting.

How do you improvise on violin with your eyes closed?

Dexterity in playing a musical instrument is all about muscle memory, not looking at the fingerboard. After all, you’re meant to play the violin while reading a score. And the fingerboard is in a rather awkward position to be staring at all the time anyway.

So, if there is no score around to be read, having your eyes open or closed doesn’t make any difference to how you play; and having your eyes closed helps with concentration, and figuring out what you’ll do next.