My BNBRs: back down to 1

Yes, this is the people’s blog, and yes, when there are updates on my BNBR tally, they still get posted here.

I’ve had two appeals on BNBR, #2 (lodged 2017–01–08, re-lodged 2017–05–02 at Achilleas’ suggestion) and #3 (lodged 2017–06–13), upheld. The respondent is Roger at User Operations Quora, and the first was prefixed with “Apologies for the delayed response.”

Thank you Roger, and thank you Achilleas. Maybe I should start answering questions again now. Although with the whole Deletegate thing, I don’t feel like I’ve really had any time off from Quora…

Spurious deletion claims, #2


That is correct. I had the same problem as Brooke Taylor. Beth Liang got deleted too. This is my new account.…

Oh, and here’s the confirmation of the lack of my consent.

The middle message was written by me. The bottom message wasn’t.


I got the Stephen Treatment. ~300 followers, deleted today, new account. I think I got hacked.

Can’t comment on collapsed answers

EDIT: ignore this, faulty assumption. Thank you Hailey Winters.

Paul Wilson’s answer to What is it like for an American to live in Australia?

No comment link for me, even when I open the answer in its own window. Comments are otherwise back in my feed.

A left-over bug from the earlier disappearance of comments? (Which we will now assume was a bug, yes?) A deliberate decision?

An argument for putting some sort of QA between the developer and deployment, which has been a Quora hallmark since 2013?

Why Continuous Deployment Sucks Without Continuous QA

2017–06–29: Susan Bertolino

Susan Bertolino. Profile Bio:

Note: I’m taking a break from Quora. No one has offended me. I am not angry with anyone here. I am having some personal issues which require me to separate myself. I am having some difficulties that I need to sort out in my head and a few other places. I hope to be back by the beginning of Season 7 for Game of Thrones, as I’m sure I will have plenty to contribute. I wish you all well. I will leave you with some pictures of my two cats:

Take care of yourselves, everyone and see you soon.

Sessions on Quora

Some time ago, I noticed a video of some celebrity being interviewed at Quora (you know, the ones who write celebrity answers with the blue ticks against their name), and saying: “I want the tapes.” I am flabbergasted that they haven’t put these videos up somewhere.

Well, it turns out that the transcripts *are* published. Did you know that?

Me neither.

Sessions on Quora

25 followers. 8 of them Quora employees.

You really don’t publicise these things well, Quora, do you.

Well, I just advertised this for you, here on The Insurgency of all places. You can send me a Patagonia jacket later.

EDIT: Yeah, it turns out that the blog answers are chopped up and posted as separate answers to session questions by Team Quora. But reading them as an interview is I think a better experience.

EDIT 2: I don’t think it’s going to stay 25 followers for long. 🙂

EDIT 3: I think it was a video snippet of this: Session with Francis Fukuyama by Adrienne Gomer on Sessions on Quora

Bug? or Feature? = Bug

John Gragson has commented over at The Insurgency that the Top Writer Facebook group encourages users to report odd looking counterintuitive features as Bugs.

We the Great Unwashed users of Quora have little access to the corridors of power that are Quora Design—and their 10 minute release-to-production cycle that Adam D’Angelo himself boasted about in 2013:

“All through the company and all through the culture, everything is set up so that nothing is holding you back. There’s nothing in the way of finishing your work and getting it into production.”

Nothing in the way of releasing Bug-or-Features. Certainly nothing like a usability review.

But, a means of providing feedback still exists, and it is still possible to get those bug-or-features back in their box.

Report them as bugs, dear userdom. Report them loud, and report them wide, and report them often. Report them even if you don’t have a Quill. Report them even if you do.

After all, following yesterday’s “What. The. Literal. Fuck” moment in Quora UX history, comment links are back in my feed.

For now.

I’ve been here too long…

I stumble on this piece of corporate propaganda from Quora from 2013…

… and all I can think is:

You know what? I’d written a bunch of stuff, and I’m not posting it; feel free to PM me for what I was going to say. (And it was already toned down.)

Just listen to this, and tie together a bunch of threads, both here on the Insurgency, and over at Bug? or Feature?

Why is Quora Moderation removing any question relating to the banning of Jeffrey Kearns? by Nick Nicholas (QUESTION DELETED)

Because they remove any question relating to the banning of any user. Kearns is not being singled out.

Will Quora Moderation explain why a particular user was banned?