The Quora Hekkaidethatheon

Nick Nicholas’ answer to If famous writers on Quora were Greek gods, who would they be?

Wherein I enumerated my favourite Quorans as Greek Gods.

Alfredo Perozo pointed out in comments:

I feel this would make a nice cartoon… just saying.…

Finally done. I was going to do a fancy cartoon with layers and a tablet, but this came out eventually, instead.

I’ll provide transliterations from the bottom clockwise. I added myself in after Dimitra Triantafyllidou’s answer and Edward Conway’s answer.

If Santa had Quora, what questions would he ask?

Didn’t I already answer this?

Oh. I didn’t: Nick Nicholas’ answer to If Satan had Quora, what questions would he ask?

  • Why is my name so close to Satan? Am I Satan? Does OP think I’m Satan?
    • I mean, I’m dressed in red, and my reindeer have horns…
  • Am I St Nicholas?
  • Am I St Basil of Caesarea?
  • Am I the Christ Child?
  • Am I related to the Three Wise Men?
  • Am I Jólnir, aka Odin? (Have a Merry Viking Christmas – Wild Eyed Southern Celt)
  • Do I owe Coca Cola royalties?
  • What is NORAD?
  • Why is NORAD tracking me?
  • Are NORAD going to shoot me out of the sky?
  • How can I best stop a reindeer’s nose from glowing while flying?
  • What is the weather like in Rovaniemi in July?
  • Where exactly do I live? The North Pole, Drøbak, Uummannaq, Tomteboda, or Rovaniemi? (Santa Claus : Home – Wikipedia)
  • If I live on the North Pole, am I actually Canadian?

On 23 December 2008, Jason Kenney, Canada’s minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, formally awarded Canadian citizenship status to Santa Claus. “The Government of Canada wishes Santa the very best in his Christmas Eve duties and wants to let him know that, as a Canadian citizen, he has the automatic right to re-enter Canada once his trip around the world is complete,” Kenney said in an official statement.

  • Is Justin Trudeau still permitting me to reenter the North Pole?
  • Do I have to be extra polite and apologetic now as a Canadian?
  • Who was Virginia anyway? (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus – Wikipedia)
  • Why are there no chimneys around any more?
  • How did I ever fit in the chimneys?
  • What do you mean, Odin used to enter through chimneys and fire holes on the solstice? Wikipedia says “citation needed”.
  • Is there still time for me to go surfing after Christmas in Australia? What’s the weather like in Bondi Beach?
  • Why do Calvinists hate me?
  • Why do Christian Scientists hate me?
  • Why do communists hate me?
  • Why do child psychologists hate me?
    • OK, OK, geez! Some child psychologists.
  • Survey Question: Have you been naughty or nice?

How many words does the Greek language have?

I wrote an extensive set of blog posts in 2009 under Ἡλληνιστεύκοντος (read them backwards), trying to deal with this question with a fixed(ish) corpus, that I was responsible for lemmatising: the TLG. It has a whole lot about the distinction between word tokens (individual instances of words), wordforms, and lemmata (dictionary words).

It starts with several posts about how pointless this question is. Which noone seems to pay attention to.

The count of lemmata for the Corpus in the TLG (ancient and mediaeval literature) plus PHI (inscriptions) was 214,000 in 2009. By the time I was terminated from the TLG in 2016, I had gotten recognition up to 240,000 lemmata.

For the strictly classical corpus, up to the 4th century BC, it was 66,000.

If we add Modern Greek and Modern Greek dialect, it’ll be more. I’ve seen a guess by Christophoros Charalambakis, director of the Historical Dictionary of Modern Greek (dialect dictionary) at the Academy of Athens, of 600,000. I think that’s implausible. Given Zipf, I think 350,000 to 400,000 for all periods of Greek is plausible.

OED has something like 600,000 for English.

How many Central and South American countries can you identify on a map?

Sam, this… this is not going to be good.

Central America:

  • Missed Guatemala
  • Put Honduras where Guatemala should have been
  • Put Nicaragua where Honduras should have been
  • Put Costa Rica where El Salvador should have been
  • Put El Salvador where Nicaragua should have been, and renamed it San Salvador
  • Called Costa Rica North Panama. Yes, I knew that was wrong.
  • Didn’t even try to place the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, or, like, any of the individual Antilles.
  • So… yeah, ¡no bueño! ¡Desculpate me, amigos centralamericanos!

South America:

  • … Holy smokes, I got it right! There was a little hesitation with Uruguay/Paraguay and Colombia/Venezuela, and I almost called Bolivia South Panama. Phew.

How many Asian countries can you identify on a map?

OK. I know I’m going to do badly with Central Asia.

  • Middle East: Yup.
  • South: Yup.
  • South East: Yup. I momentarily misplaced Laos, but I found it again.
  • East: Yup.
  • North: Yup
  • Central: … OK.
    • I got Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
    • I rotated Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Oh well.