The Final Appeal

In May you never see this, I published the notice of a rejected appeal against a ban. As many commented, this final notice was as vague as moderation ever is.

It is not apparently advertised on Quora as much as it used to be, but long-time users of Quora know that one can go outside the normal process of appeals, and lodge a final appeal of moderation decisions with the permanent staff member tasked with moderation. On occasion, this staff member has found that sanctions have been meted out in error, and conceded as much publicly. More often, according to her own posts, the staff member finds that the sanction was correct, but its severity was excessive.

And some times, she finds that the judgement was correct, and that the final appeal should be rejected.

I have been made privy to the response to the result of the final appeal from said staff member, to the ban in question. I haven’t sought permission to republish its wording, and I won’t. But I’ll give Quora Moderation its due here.

The rejection of the final appeal that I have sighted enumerates:

  • The (quite high) number of BNBR notices given to the user during their time on Quora
  • The number of official warnings given
  • The number of edit blocks administered
  • The fact that receipt of those warnings was clicked for acknowledgement

The rejection of the final appeal also indicates that the staff member has reviewed the last n policy violations, and finds them to be correct; and that the persistent violations indicate that the recipient has not been able to “self-correct”, despite the “clear message” sent to them and acknowledged by their click.

I continue to think that there is a lot about Quora Moderation is broken. I continue not to think they are doing as good a job as the community deserves with high profile cases, or with their messaging. And I continue not to think that they are as cautious about bans as they should be.

But having seen this, I’ll concede. The rejection of the final appeal looked like a fair judgement to me.

(And, FWIW, to the recipient.)

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