The mammoth was revived for a reason

Feature Releases by Rob Lion was about the silent release of the Ask Followup feature.

Quora as Eternal Recurrence: The history of the first iteration of Follow-Up Questions by Nick Nicholas was about how bizarre it was that a feature abandoned in 2010 was revived; there was a jest about how it was like a recently thawed mammoth.

I thank Dot McHale for joining the dots in…

By removing details, and forcing us to ask only “canonical” questions, Quora is making it harder for querents to get questions that actually help them.

By enabling follow ups, I guess, Quora is trying to make it easier for those querents to refine the question first asked, so that they can get the information they want.

I don’t think for a second that’s actually going to work out, but it does make sense. And if that wasn’t what was going on in their heads, well, Quora UX does encourage a fair amount of paranoia…

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