And so it has already begun

Excited to partner with @jasonlk on @SaaStrAnnual 2018, helping businesses leverage the Quora platform #Quoraforbusiness

— Puja Ramani (@pramani) July 29, 2017

A hashtag to monitor.

No, it’s fine for an online business to pay the bills.

The risk for conflict of interest, however, is one we need to be vigilant on. No, I don’t trust Quora to be careful about conflict of interest, especially in a knowledge-sharing website (which is meant to include criticism—maybe), because they haven’t been historically:

Richard Henry’s answer to Why are Quora employees allowed to receive knowledge prizes?

I’ll admit that I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not this would be perceived to be an issue. The sponsor chooses who should win, and my instinct was that Quora employees shouldn’t use the product differently than anyone else. But Quora employees would be a tiny percentage of prize winners anyway, so we’re going to just exclude them from being considered.

Remain vigilant.

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