What is this greek dish?

Konstantinos Michailidis‘ and Alex Giannakakos‘ answer are the same. Kritharaki is Risoni (Orzo (pasta)), and Giouvetsi is meat with risoni.

On Stella pasta’s web site (Stella – Μακαρόνια), their risoni is advertised as Φτιάξτε ονειρεμένο γιουβέτσι για όλη την οικογένεια και πείτε «Stella κύριοι! Σας μιλάω εκ πείρας!»  (“Make a dreamy giouvetsi for the whole family and say ‘Stella gentlemen! I speak from experience.'”)  (“I speak from experience” is the slogan at the start of the poster.)

Love giouvetsi…

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