What is written in those documents Page on www.keelpno.gr and  Page on www.keelpno.gr? It’s written in Greek and Google Translate doesn’t manage to translate it. I need it for an important factcheck, thank you!

PDF 1: The Centre for Control and Prevention of Diseases (KEELPNO) in the Ministry of Health is informing the public of a case of serious extended gastroenteritis in a Dutch tourist aged 79 who was staying in the island of Kos. Because of the severity of his condition he has been airlifted and hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit of a private hospital in Athens. Because of the initial negative lab results, further examinations are underway to rule out the prospect of infectious gastroenteritis that could threaten public health. A team of KEELPNO scientists has gone to Kos to carry out further epidemiological investigation and find any possible further cases, in collaboration with the local authorities. While waiting for the final microbiological results, KEELPNO recommends that as with all outbreaks of infectious disease, people should carefully apply all hygienic measures around the consumption of water and food, and careful hand hygiene in all cases.

PDF 2: On the case of acute infectious gastroenteritis with serious complications of the Dutch Tourist, KEELPNO states that the initial lab check in the Central Laboratory of Public Health in Vari and the Regional Lab of Public Health in Thessaly has not confirmed the existence of the cholera bacterium. Lab investigations are continuing with further molecular checks. KEELPNO remains on alert to fully investigate the incident.

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