What is the scariest thing about living in Australia?

That we are still, 52 years after the book was published, The Lucky Country. Which is meant to be a bad thing: prospering through luck, rather than competent planning.

The original indictment the author intended was that the luck was inertia in following British habits—Australia Forrest Gump’d it into prosperity. The popular understanding is that he meant natural resources. (The idiot popular understanding is that he meant “luck” as a compliment.)

The most appalling excesses of Britishist inertia have been curbed, Tony Abbott notwithstanding. But the popular understanding remains valid. We had a chance to become Norway with a nice future fund, and we blew it.

The scariest thing about living in Australia is its future.

What are the names of the week in the Greek language?

Like in Portuguese (allegedly as a coincidence), four of them are counts:

  • Monday = Second
  • Tuesday = Third
  • Wednesday = Fourth
  • Thursday = Fifth

The other three are religious

  • Sunday = Lord’s (day). As the numerical days show, it was also the first day
  • Saturday = Sabbath
  • Friday = Preparation (for the Sabbath)

Was Paul’s command to obey parents in Ephesians 6:1 and Colossians 3:20 of the New Testament just for young children or adult children also?

I defer to Username for the theology, and to others for the cultural context. But yes, Greek had a different word for pre-adults (παίς, παιδίον) and for offspring (τέκνον); and Paul uses the latter.