Beth Murray vs Maisie Williams

The thread that keeps on giving.

Context: Beth Briony’s answer to What does your accent sound like in English?

Annika Schauer, she who once loaned Jimmy Carter an alarm clock, responded:

You sound like Arya Stark! hahahahahahaha

Whereupon I value-added:…

cc Beth Briony: preconception, going in: She must sound like Jessie J. It’s a dead cert. I will not go in thinking of Maisie Williams. Do not think of an elephant, do not think of an elephant…

… But yeah. Arya Stark it is.

(Checks Wikipedia: Maisie Williams.) Bristol? But Arya doesn’t sound like a pirate, and Beth’s from the Saff East, not the Saff West…

… I’ve got it! You guys go to the same dialect coach! Go on, fess up!

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