Do you believe Quora moderation is doing a good and responsible job of maintaining this site’s policies? Why or why not?

I am enraged.

Yes, some trolls get banned, some of the time. Yes, there’s an inordinate number of users to monitor. Though then again, noone told Quora to abandon community moderation.

Meanwhile, we have posters on this very thread defend the robotic application of rules, that putatively are meant to encourage a civil environment.

And all that blocking has led to a safe and comfortable space, has it?

Don’t piss on my shoes and tell me it’s raining. This. is. not. working.

And have we noticed how quiet it’s been on Rage against Quora lately?

We have an expression in Greek. Με πνίγει το δίκιο. Justice is choking me. One’s sense of justice, frustrated, stymied.

I’m deactivating my account, until I’m numbed to my sense of Justice again.

EDIT: An illustration, if you will, of the principles at work.

(Hic explicit sermo = Here endeth the lesson.)

The drones are from Jeremy Markeith Thompson’s answer to Why are so many Black Quorans deactivating their accounts? It’s how the cumulative microaggressions have made him feel. The drones are of course buzzing “N*g n*g n*g”, for plausible deniability.

What’s that? Why yes. That question has indeed been deleted.

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