Which Quoran has influenced your views the most? Ernest W. Adams has dramatically influenced some of my views and opened my eyes to topics that were taboo to me.

Quoran that’s influenced my views the most, you say?

Jae Alexis Lee.

She may well think I’m stalking her by now, with all the shout outs I’ve been giving her, but there’s a reason for it.

It’s a bad business to rank people, but:

  • You asked about influencing views, not deepening views, or learning more about the world. That rules out my top 5 Quorans. 🙂
  • I appreciate people who challenge my views on the world. They know who they are, because I keep thanking them for it.
  • The social/political domain I think I’ve learned the most about since alighting here is transgender issues. I’m not quite sure how that happened; I think it started with me liking Elliott Mason’s English grammar posts, and then getting everyone he ever upvoted on my feed. 🙂
  • Jae both talks about transgender issues, and challenges my views on the world as a card carrying SJW (or is that Social Justice Cleric?), and she talks about both with passion and lucidity.
  • Jae has also taught me how not to hate comment blockers. Well, how not to hate comment blockers who have a reason for comment blocking I can appreciate, anyway.

Runner up—although again, ranking people is a foul thing to do.

Sam Morningstar. (Clarissa, you’re not surprised, are you?)

Similar reasons, maybe less on the left in identity politics, but again, clear and lucid, both within and beyond his home topic of Native American issues.

I miss Sam.

Oh, and Michael Cobb’s answer mentioned Dan Holliday so I wouldn’t have to.

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