Sessions on Quora

Some time ago, I noticed a video of some celebrity being interviewed at Quora (you know, the ones who write celebrity answers with the blue ticks against their name), and saying: “I want the tapes.” I am flabbergasted that they haven’t put these videos up somewhere.

Well, it turns out that the transcripts *are* published. Did you know that?

Me neither.

Sessions on Quora

25 followers. 8 of them Quora employees.

You really don’t publicise these things well, Quora, do you.

Well, I just advertised this for you, here on The Insurgency of all places. You can send me a Patagonia jacket later.

EDIT: Yeah, it turns out that the blog answers are chopped up and posted as separate answers to session questions by Team Quora. But reading them as an interview is I think a better experience.

EDIT 2: I don’t think it’s going to stay 25 followers for long. 🙂

EDIT 3: I think it was a video snippet of this: Session with Francis Fukuyama by Adrienne Gomer on Sessions on Quora