Where can I see the list of banned Quorans? by Nick Nicholas (QUESTION DELETED)

I maintain a list of users who have been edit-blocked, banned, or deactivated, that I find in my own Quora journey, or that others have reported to me.


Have you had more than 25 answers collapsed? by Nick Nicholas (QUESTION DELETED)

I haven’t kept track assiduously, but out of 2k answers, it’d be half a dozen. Either deserved, or not really worth fighting.

Suspicious activity, decoded

When confronted with horrifically Kafkaesque opacity, one can only retaliate with sunlight.

This is an accidental find:

What’s happening to one of my answers on Quora? Are there upvote bots?

From the details:

UPDATE: After an investigation, it seems my answer was targeted by spam bots or spam profiles (unknown reasons). Attached is the message from a Quora Moderator. It pays to colour within the lines and to report suspicious activity!

So, whatever else it may mean, “suspicious activity” is a new word for Spamming.

EDIT: Maybe. Though this putative moderator was themselves banned, and the ban wording was “The content was deleted because it is in violation of our spam policy”: The Mystery Moderator. So my conclusion was premature.

P.S. I’m fascinated at my spontaneous themselves just then. It has a specific referent alright, but one whose true identity (and thus true gender) is under dispute; so I used the gender-neutral alternative after all…

Kafka Fail

I’m withholding answers this fortnight. Jennifer will tear me a new one, because Time Out on Quora really is supposed to mean Time Out on Quora, where I would be just updating entries on Necrologue.

But, on the Necrologue:

2017–06–20 by Nick Nicholas on Necrologue

2017–06–17 by Nick Nicholas on Necrologue

Your account has been banned because it has been linked to suspicious and/or malicious activity that violated Quora’s policies and guidelines.

Without knowing about, or wanting to know about, the particulars of these bans:

Quora was giving no justification for bans for a long time. Then it was, and it was mostly BNBR. Then it wasn’t again.

Then it started giving justifications so vague, I’ve been counting them as equivalent to None Given: “Multiple Violations”.

This month, “Suspicious and/or Malicious” has shown up.

The acute problem with this is, “Suspicious” is not an assertion that an offence is proven, only that it is suspected.

Users being banned on the mere suspicion of nefarious activity? That’s even worse than not giving any rationale at all.

I’m now resuming my Quora Time Out.

6 am

Give to her joy, you callused world, give peace,
this lady who should never, ever cry.
Let it have air to bloom, roots to release,
this beauty which should never, ever die.

This smile, which neither coin nor bonds can buy,
let it be sheltered from the bondsman’s blame.
This heart so generous, this glance so wry,
let their reward be more than they can name.

Sleep now, my sweet, sleep while the world’s aflame.
There will be time to mourn it yet. Your hair
smoulders in auburn whorls, which none can tame.
Tomorrow, you’ll catch fire again and flare,

to stand your ground, and take what you deserve.
The stars fall at your feet, eager to serve.

BNBR warning

A “Stay Safe Out There” to all of you.

Comments on this blog, as with the Necrologue, are being reported for BNBR infractions. Two commenters at How to Get Thousands of Leads from Quora in Five Months!!!! have been reported, and their comments deleted. And of course, the post itself got reported for BNBR.

A reminder to all blog readers and posters to BNBR. By Quora’s standards, rather than yours.


Another two articles on generating Quora Traffic

I’m putting these links up.

I suggest we not comment on them, given what happened last time.

Just read these. Knowledge… is power.

Why do some Melbourne roads have the name “parade”?

Street or road name – Wikipedia

In Australia and New Zealand, some streets are called parades. Parade: A public promenade or roadway with good pedestrian facilities along the side. Examples: Peace Celebration Parade, Marine Parade, King Edward Parade, Oriental Parade and dozens more. However, this term is not used in North America or Great Britain.

OED parade.n1, meaning 4:

A public square or promenade; (also) a row of shops in a town, or the street on which they are situated. (Frequently in the names of such streets, squares, or promenades.)

That meaning is not at all restricted to Australia, and in fact it is attested since 1697; as a street type, it may be an archaism that is restricted to Oceania.


  • 1697, Dampier, New Voyage Around The World: This Square is calcled [sic] the Parade.
  • 1775, Sheridan, Rivals: We saunter on the parades [at Bath].
  • 1863, Hawthorne, Our Old Home: The smart parades and crescents of the former town.
  • 1885, Phone Book, Brighton, England: Vizer E.B…154, Marine-parade.
  • 1922, Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room: The parade smelt of tar which stuck to the heels.

The 1885 example clearly is an English street name.

What would be your choice for a Love song? See details.

Oh, shut up, QCR.

Masiello and Gwin.

Others applaud them. I panic for them. I want it to work out, they are both good souls who have earned respite, and find it in each other; I worry that they may not work out, because the world is a cruel place.

Yes, nothing ventured nothing gained. And at least, they are both old and wise enough to know.

I worry so much, that the first song to pop into my head was this. Lyrics Kostas Tripolitis, Music Mikis Theodorakis, 1981: late Mikis. Lyrics disillusioned and fearful; music soaring and yearning. Αγάπη: Love. stixoi.info: Αγάπη

Love of bread and fire,
Love of brackishness.
Billboards will choke us
and empty beer cans.

Where can I take you away?
Glass and sheet metal
have filled the years
with expired months.

Love of bread and rain,
Love out on the balconies.
You’ll see blood on the asphalt
and plastic containers.

Where can I take you away?
Glass and sheet metal
have filled the years
with expired months.

I worry, too, that you’ll talk each other mad. Too wise to woo, bickering constantly, exasperatingly, charmingly, like Beatrice and her Benedick. But they got to have their day in the sun, in the end. And so do you: