It’s federal election time. How do we get more true independents into Australian government?

People of Australia!

I don’t care if Ricky Muir is a bogan gun nut, and I don’t care if David Leyonhjelm is a Libertarian wackadoodle, and I don’t care if… is a single issue redneck. These are voices we have not had in our polity, and I want us to keep having these voices in our polity. I want to see randoms off the street grappling with serious issues, without some focus group telling them what to think. There is nothing that the LibNats and Labor have said that we haven’t already heard, and they don’t bring anything new to the debate.

If Malcolm has thrown a Double Dissolution to rid the Senate of anyone interesting, then throw that right back at both Kang and Kodos. Vote 1: Other.

If only there was just one Other to vote for in the Senate, of course, we wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with.

That’s the problem, and the way to address it, now that ‘Preference whispering’  is being blocked, would be for the independents to band together and have a single candidate per state. Which would make them no longer independents, of course, so won’t happen.

And to pick a figurehead who isn’t a failed impersonation of Donald Trump.

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