If Quomrade D’Angelo were to run for President of the United States as head of the Quommunist party, would you vote for him in 2020?

What, civil liberties in the US have not been curtailed enough already? BNBR shall be the template for expressing civic dissent? Quora bots should take over as the nation’s police force AND judiciary? Quora product management is the template for American ingenuity? Six years of venture capital in, Quora finances are the template for American economic recovery?

That… sounds a lot like Qommunism.

Quora is a good space. Quora management is not good management. If Quomrade DiCaprio nominates, I’d react about the same way (from my safe Australian vantage point) as I react now to Citizen Trump nominating.

Nick, proud member of the Disloyal Opposition.

cc Scott Welch. Who is also safe in Canada.

EDIT: I do believe I have some visual from the rally:

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