How many towns have or had the name Tripolis?

Let’s collate these responses against Tripoli (disambiguation) from Wikipedia:

  • Tripoli, Libya
  • Tripoli, Lebanon, the second largest city in Lebanon
  • Tripoli, Greece, the capital of Arcadia, Greece
  • Tripolis (Larisaia), an ancient city
  • Tripolis ad Maeandrum, an ancient city on the borders of Lydia, Caria and Phrygia
  • Tripolis (Pontus), an ancient city
  • Tripoli, Iowa, a city in Bremer County, Iowa, United States
  • Tripoli, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community, United States
  • New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, a village in Pennsylvania, United States

Not mentioned by Wikipedia and mentioned by Pamela Dennett Grennes’ link to Geotargit:

  • Tripoli, St Ann, Jamaica
  • Tripoli, Atlantida, Honduras
  • Tripoli, near Cortland, New York

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