Which people on Quora do you believe have blocked you unfairly, and why?

Two people to date. Arguable in both cases.

The first has an obsession on answering any question about the Roman Empire by taking it to include Byzantium. “How did the Roman Empire fall in 476?” “IT DIDN’T!!!!”

One particular post of his, I commented that his argument was casuistry. And, yes, I teased him for his obsession. It escalated rather quickly (10 minutes, 2 or 3 back and forths), he told me to fuck off and stop trolling him, and next thing you know, “Your comment cannot be posted at this time.”

Yeah, that was more my bad. I was right to challenge him, but should have gone straight afterwards to posting my own answer (which I did). And I was wrong to tease him.

The second posted an answer to a question on common law relationships. The answer was narrowly US-focussed, the question was implicitly US-focussed, and I commented something like “that’s a US-specific answer to a US-specific question”. (And then added two sentences about how common law relationships are legally accepted in Australia.)

“Your comment cannot be posted at this time.”

That, I think, was more his bad than mine.

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