If you Google yourself, which of your Quora answers pops up first? Why do you think that particular one was selected by Google?

Thanks to my fellow antipodean Barbara Robson, for the reminder that Googling does depend on who you are.

5 most viewed answers:

Top 5, googled as me:

Top 5, googled as anon:

What this says:

  • Google cares about Quora views a bit…
  • … but not overwhelmingly: the random Indian clickbait, and “cheers” translation does not rate.
  • Google knows about me that I’m a linguist.
  • Google knows that Richard White is a popular Quoran.
  • I’d like to say that Google knows that lots of Quorans love my cartoons. In fact, what’s likelier is that all of my cartoons are hyperlinked back to where I first published them on Quora. So Google is picking up the Gallery of Awesomery as a hyperlink hub.

I’m glad Google picks up the Personal Experience with Linguistics question. It was a cathartic exercise.

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