If famous writers on Quora were Greek gods, who would they be?

Of course, my list won’t match others’ lists, because our Quora feeds really do not overlap.

Here’s my pentekaidekatheon (15 gods, to let in Dionysus and Hades and Persephone).

  • Zeus: Lyonel Perabo. The guy is a Greek god, isn’t he? Just ask his wife!
  • Hera: Dimitra Triantafyllidou. She is, after all, my Nemesis. Mostly in a good way!
  • Poseidon: Edward Conway. Because he… you know, Edward, I’m not sure why. Because you’re as gentle as the lapping sea, I guess. Apparently you have stormy waters too, but they’re in topics I’ve muted.
  • Demeter: Jordan Yates. Because she’s blonde. And hopefully she likes cereal.
  • Athena: McKayla Kennedy. For her quiet, unobtrusive wisdom.
  • Apollo: Jeremy Markeith Thompson. For the zen chillness: a truly Apollonian virtue.
  • Artemis: Clarissa Lohr. Because her profile pic has her with a Nerf gun. And because she hunts down justice.
  • Ares: Scott Welch. The Scourge of Olympus.
  • Aphrodite: Mary C. Gignilliat. Like there was any doubt.
  • Hephaestus: Michael Masiello. Oh, he was going to get Zeus or Athena, but I decided Hephaestus suited his dark humour better…
  • Hermes: Habib Fanny. He’s quicksilver, that guy.
  • Hestia: Gigi J Wolf. There must be some connection between the Goddess of the Hearth and a former Air Hostess.
  • Dionysus: Michaelis Maus. Because he’s got the whole Dionysian Nihilism thing going on.
  • Persephone: weird chthonic deity, who curses men and is caught up with strange rituals? Obviously Pegah Esmaili.
  • Hades: Jimmy Liu, who presides over the permabanned in the underworld. NO I AM NOT OVER IT!!!

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