Which convention should I follow when it comes to the use of commas and periods for decimal numbers and big numbers on Quora?

Quora, style guide? I so wouldn’t want it to impose one.

Quora is a US site, but its user base is international. The sensible rule for international writing in English is to allow either Commonwealth or US usage, but for any one piece of writing to be internally consistent.

So I don’t think it necessary that you should adjust to the US convention, just because all the astronomers use US usage. Commonwealth usage is fine.

But if you’re writing in English, conventions not used in the Anglosphere *are* unnecessarily confusing.

So, to the question at hand: I would avoid the decimal comma as not being compatible with the Anglosphere: US, UK, AU all use decimal point. I note in your link that Canada uses the decimal comma, but Decimal mark explains that is only Canadian French, not Canadian English.

When writing English, use the style conventions of an English-speaking country, in my opinion.

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