What are your reasons for upvoting an answer? Would you say you’re very strict or generous with how often you use it?

Is Kittie Eubank the only other person who will admit this?

I upvote answers because they are written by my friend on Quora and I know they’re an expert in their field, so even if I don’t personally have enough knowledge to know it’s a good answer, I trust my friend.

I’ll be even more craven:

If you’re my friend here, I’m generous with upvotes. I will upvote you by default, as acknowledgement that I’ve read your answer and liked it. I can withhold upvotes, if (a) the answer is way outside my areas of interest, and I don’t really want to see more, or (b) the answer is not up to the standards I expect.

If you’re not my friend, I’m moderate with upvotes. I will upvote if it is a good answer. I will admit that I will be likelier to upvote if I agree, but I won’t upvote if I agree and the answer is lazy, and I may upvote if I disagree but the answer is well-argued.

If I keep liking what you have to say, of course, I will end up moving you into the friend column.

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