How does Nogay/Nogai sound to foreigners?

I keep protesting that I have a tin ear, but I get these A2As anyway! I also have never heard any Central Asian Turkic, so I don’t have a fully informed standard of comparison.

The songs and the conversations do sound very different. The trumpet song sounded very cool, but it did not sound Turkic at all. If you put a gun to my head, I would have guessed Armenian.

Please don’t put a gun to my head, by the way. I do have a tin ear.

The conversations on the other hand sounded very Turkish, and I assume whether the speakers are in Russia or Turkey has a lot to do with it. They certainly sound more Turkish than Azeri does to me. I can see why others compared it to Korean: there is a nice staccato pace there, not like the mumbling I heard in Istanbul, and the a’s were very clear and central, not back at all.

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