Is there a way to see someone’s statistics on Quora?

Heidi Cool is right, the answer is no, although back when there were unofficial APIs, you could see something.

At best, there are visualisation tools based on scraping a user’s profile page for stats, and they are quite fragile because Quora tinkers with the UI. See Welcome to my Quora stuff!

In Christian historical movies, why aren’t the Romans speaking in Greek instead of Latin?

Because lots of Westerners know Latin (or at least know about Latin), relatively few Westerners know Ancient Greek, and Latin is the language Westerners associate with the Roman Empire. Having Greek spoken in a movie would really just confuse people, who’d expect the Romans in Palestine to be speaking Latin.

That, and the logistics of getting actors to speak Greek (and which Greek?), precisely because relatively few Westerners know Ancient Greek. Even the Passion of the Christ ended up going with Church Latin instead of Classical Latin…

How we can differentiate functionalists, cognitivists, and structuralists?

I’m not contradicting Warren M Tang (see Warren M Tang’s answer to How we can differentiate functionalists, cognitivists, and structuralists?), but let me try a different formulation.

  • A functionalist explains language structures by appealing to the communicative function of those structures. (They do linguistics by metaphors.)
  • A cognitivist explains language structures by appealing to general psychological processes of cognition. (They do linguistics by diagrams.)
  • A structuralist explains language structures as a coherent system of signs. (They do linguistics by tables.)

These approaches are not mutually exclusive in principle—though they tend to be in execution.

Where’s Chomsky fit in all of this? He wishes he was a cognitivist; he’s actually a structuralist.

How can we help people who get banned on Quora unfairly?

What can we do to stop situations like this from happening?

Be aware of the policies. Quora certainly won’t bother telling you in advance (Quora does not do onboarding), so find out about them, and find out about how they are policed. Do your own digging. Don’t just take me or my blogs’ word for it. And don’t just read the letter of Quora’s policies either; they are vague and generic. Look at specific moderation calls. Talk to former community mods about how they think the policies work.

Being aware of the policies is not to acquiesce to them and absolve Quora of any blame. We know Quora is fallible. We know that Quora can be tricked. And whether the sockpuppetting rules are justified or not is a topic worthy of discussion. Information is a good thing to have. Critical opinion about rules is a good thing to have.

But they are still their rules, not yours, and their processes of appeal, not yours.

How can we get her back?

Matt Zhang is unbanned not only because Quora recognised that they had been tricked (if what User says is true), but also because I gave him Tatiana’s email address for him to appeal his ban. I also gave those who wanted to appeal Brooke’s ban Tatiana’s email. (Tatiana’s email, and her availability as an avenue of appeal, is not secret information, so I don’t feel compunction about doing so. If that avenue is closed off, I’m sure I will hear of it.)

You can use that avenue of appeal alongside the normal, fill-out-a-form-and-Rory-the-Quora-intern-will-take-your-form-and-file-it process. I don’t know for a fact that this avenue is discouraged or encouraged. If that avenue fails, though, you are out of luck. No industrial action or protest will change it. And I can only assume by now that this is the case with Brooke Taylor.

Btw, because I have been getting a few emails lately about this from banees: I have no special access to the Corridors Of Power here on Quora. Quite the opposite in fact: I’ve had all of one (1) exchange with Tatiana, about my blog posts being throttled. I don’t know if Top Writers can advocate successfully for or against banees, as I’ve seen alleged here; I can only assure you that I’m not such a Top Writer, and I wouldn’t want to be.

Do you think these Anglo-Celtic Australians are pretty?

I have answered this question with regard to one of the Anglo-Celtic Australians pictured: Nick Nicholas’ answer to Do you think Australian singer Delta Goodrem is pretty? My answer is no different for the other three Anglo-Celtic Australians.

Do you think there is a mother language for all the other languages?

Nick Nicholas’ answer to Why are there so many languages in the world?

Firstly, because we are not even sure that there was monogenesis of language. That is, we are not sure whether language originated in a single contiguous community of humans, or multiple communities.

Myself, I suspect there was monogenesis, but that’s a hunch; and the serious work on the origins of language is subsequent to my training as a linguist, so I’m not across it.

But even if there were a single origin of language, any trace of it is long since effaced, under the waves of language change after language change, millennium after millennium. In our mental and scholarly modelling of how languages have come to be, the single mother language doesn’t make any difference: there could have been one, there could have been a hundred, we’ll never know. So it doesn’t matter to me.

Can a person’s middle or last name be a single letter?

Maggie Q is a stage name, her real name being Margaret Quigley.

Many countries and states have Surname laws and Naming laws: see Naming in the United States. It depends on local legislation, cultural laissez-faire, and practicality for data entry. (If you make your surname a single EMOJI, I am coming to get you!) But in places like Kentucky, that have no naming laws on the books, the answer is yes.