Why doesn’t Quora automate the selection of anonymity based on how the question can bring most benefits to our society?

Because Quora may have greater confidence in what its bots can do than most users have, but even Quora does not yet claim it has automated utilitarian ethics.

No need for concern though. We have been assured that all Anonymous questions are being carefully vetted before publication now.


Which are the centers of Hellenism in USA, Canada or Australia. Do they have TV stations in Greek language?

There are Greek Communities in all capital cities of Australia, but the largest communities by a wide margin are in Sydney and Melbourne, and Melbourne is renowned as the main Greek Community.

SBS, the national multicultural broadcaster, has been putting out Greek programming on tv and radio for decades. Radio station 3XY, a rock music mainstay in baby boomer times, has been a Greek only radio station for close to two decades now in Melbourne. There is no homegrown Greek TV channel, but satellite TV and cable TV do a brisk trade in rebroadcasting content from Greece. Antenna has the cable TV channel monopoly.

How much of the Klingon language being spoken today was actually used on the series?

Marc Okrand, who invented the language, was a consultant on all the TOS Star Trek movies. He made sure all the Klingon spoken was canonical, and if the actors flubbed their lines, he retconned them.

Okrand was not involved with the Klingon used on the TV series. As a result, the TV series featured words like wIjjup for “my friend”, where –wIj is supposed to be a possessive suffix. And that’s when the script writers bothered to use the Klingon Dictionary at all.

Be hesitant with TNG for any Klingon utterances you hear that are one word long. Don’t take seriously anything more than one word long.

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Steve Rapaport, Linguistics PhD candidate at Edinburgh. Has lived in USA, Sweden, Italy, UK.

Do you think that answering an “A2A” on Quora that’s late by two weeks or so is meaningless and useless?

Sometimes, being late to answer is doing a disservice to someone, if noone else has stepped up; e.g. Why have I reached my limit for making blog posts on Quora? (noticed and answered one week late).

But I get overwhelmed by my A2A queue. And the only way I can keep my sanity, and keep finding Quora enjoyable, is by acquiescing to the fact that:

  • I don’t have to answer every question.
  • I don’t have to answer every question first.
  • If the question gets answered by other people badly, there is always time to offer your better answer later. I do it with random bad answers I find from three years ago, after all.
  • If anyone wants an aooga aooga, mayday mayday, urgent answer… I’m not sure Quora is the place for them; *I*’m certainly not the answerer for them. My PMs are open if you want to push me along. It can backfire though.

Did Quora add emoji support?

I’ve written on this several other places, but: the Quora editor natively supports Plane 0 Unicode characters, and has a mathematical formatting command, unicode{xHEX}, to allow Plane 1 characters. The majority of characters considered emoji are Plane 1. What you are seeing are the minority that are Plane 0.

With the mathematical formatting command, you can enter any emoji you want in Quora. And you will be reported shortly after, though that may involve a hasty edit to the current formatting policy. As Alexander Lee discovered with his use of red text.