Have you changed your mind about anything (race, religion, country, politics, history, etc.), since you’ve been on Quora?

Not much, I regret to say, but a couple of things.

Curtis Lindsay’s answer to Chopin’s prelude #4 in E minor is his most famous. Despite the straightforward melody, it overflows with emotion. What is the main emotion expressed in the piece and why was this emotion used? This came at the right time for me to contemplate giving Chopin a second chance. I even bought a CD of the 24 preludes and 4 ballades.

I only liked the slow ones. But thank you, Curtis!

The other one was conceding that gender dysphoria is nature as well as nurture: a pathway from https://www.quora.com/Seeing-tha… , through https://www.quora.com/Seeing-tha… , to Nick Nicholas’ answer to Is gender dysphoria a recent phenomenon?

You’ll see me in the aftermath of changing my mind in comments; I was heading that way anyway, but actually listening to people experiencing dysphoria (such as Lux Li) was really instructive for me.

Victoria Weaver’s Star Trek technocommunism hasn’t made a convert of me yet, but I’m giving it a more sympathetic hearing than I’d have expected of myself.

Dimitris Almyrantis has an often contrarian, and always instructive perspective on history. I don’t know if he’s changed my mind, quite, but he’s certainly shifted me out of my comfort zone.

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