Would you participate in Quora in Klingon if it existed?

Translation to Federation Standard follows:

yItamchoH jay’ ’ej HuchwIj yItlhap! nuqDaq jIqI’?

mach tlhIngan Hol mu’ghom, ’ej tlhIngan Hol Quora tu’lu’chugh, pIj DIvI’ Hol mu’mey lo’lu’ net pIH. jIHvaD qay’be’.

cha’ Seng vIpIHlaH:

  • tlhIngan Hol Quora lo’laHwI’ law’ law’, wa’maH law’ puS; ’a wa’vatlh law’ law’. Quoravetlh leHmeH yapbe’.
  • meqna’mo’ tlhIngan Hol Wikipedia bot Jimbo Wales. vuDvetlh jeS D’Angelo ’e’ vIHar. Dogh Quora DIvI’ ’e’ luQub Huch nobwI’, ’e’ Hajba’.

Shut up and take my money! Where do I sign up?

The Klingon vocabulary is small, and if a Klingon Quora were used, people would often end up borrowing English vocabulary. That’s not a problem for me.

I anticipate two problems:

  • There’s more than 10 people that could use a Klingon Quora, but less than 100. Not enough to maintain such a Quora.
  • Jimbo Wales blocked Klingon Wikipedia for a clear reason. I’d think D’Angelo would be of the same mind. He’d clearly fear funders thinking Quora Inc is being silly.

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