If humans are the children of God, Quora is the lovechild of Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, and Sean Kernan is the son of Quora, what are you?

If I am to take part in a Quora Book of Generations, it won’t be sycophantic. Adam and Charlie in the creation story ended up playing the parts of Cain and Abel, after all, as is so frequent in corporate history. And, again as is so frequent in corporate history, it is Abel, not Cain, who ends up exiled.

Myself? I’ll have no part of the lineage of either Cain or Abel. Which would have to make me of the line of their brother Seth, just as much of humanity is.

I like the sound of the Nephilim. Reputed to be of the line of Seth, or of fallen angels. Giants and men of renown, who frightened the Israelites. Yet they too got to have a share of this good Earth.

So. What is supposed to be the Deluge in this Book of Generations?

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