What Quora profile picture were/are you known for?

I’m a great believer in consistency, and I have not changed my profile pic in ages.

As I wrote last year:

Nick Nicholas’ answer to Is your Quora avatar an image of you, or something else? How did you choose it?

My avatar picture, courtesy of my wife, is me doing something uncharacteristic. Lying down in the park and taking in the sun. It’s a memento temperare: a reminder to myself to keep it cool…

My profile pic has gathered two reactions I know of:

Nick Nicholas. THE INSURGENT, THE REBEL, SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD AND THE DEACTIVATED, QUORA’S VERY OWN CHE GUEVARA, FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT AGAINST QUORA INC. VIVE LE QUORA , DEATH TO ORWELLIAN TACTICS. Please do not look at his profile picture, it shows a really chill dude, not a revolutionary with blazing guns and a bomb strapped to his nether regions.

Of course, that photo of me lying down in the park does not actually show my nether regions, does it. And there’s plenty of room next to me for cached firearms…

(See? Ché could smile sometimes…)

(… No, I don’t look like him.)

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