What are the names of different countries in your language?

Sofia Mouratidis gave names in current Greek. For jollies, I’m going to give names in Byzantine Greek, which are often quite different: the modern names are mostly from Latin, while the older names were usually from Italian.

  • France: Frandza (now Gallia)
  • Germany: Alamania (now Germania)
  • Austria: Aoustria or Osterigon (now Afstria—which is a spelling pronunciation of Αὐστρία)
  • England: Engletera or Inglitera (now Anglia)
  • Flanders: Filandra (now Flamandia)
  • Sweden: Suedzia (now Suidia)
  • Poland: Lekhia or Polonia
  • Croatia: Khrovatia (now Kroatia)

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