What is the Song by Stelios Kazantzidis “Throw me in the fire so I can burn”? It might be part of the lyrics but my dad insists it’s a song. Thanks.

Not a song I know, but Googling gets me:


Πάρε φωτιά και κάψε με: Take Fire and Burn me, 1953. Lyrics: Kostas Manesis; Music: Yannis Papaioannou. Performer: Stelios Kazantzidis. stixoi.info: Πάρε φωτιά και κάψε με

Take fire and burn me, take your sweet revenge.
The way you’ve left me, best that I be ash.

I don’t want my life,
my soul loathes you.

Take knife and kill me, cut me into pieces,
so I need see no more your cunning eyes.

Make with your hands a noose, and squeeze my throat,
choke me so I’ll be free of my deep sorrow.

It’s a great song, thanks for introducing me to it. The lyrics are melodramatic, sure, but it’s got that classic, 50s perfection of laika, and is agreeably βαρύ. (“Ηeavy” literally; stern?)

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