Did George Michael speak Greek?

My father used to to work with a nurse who was from the same village as George Michael’s father. I asked him years ago, and he sneered that George Michael doesn’t know what Greek means.

There’s also this:


“Thank you… for thir-… twenty five… years.”

Very halting, and no accent fluency. Comments in the YouTube thread say he did respond to Greek interview questions in English, so likely some passive competence.

As a language lover, what’s your favourite European language that’s spoken by millions of people but studied by very few people?


I’m biased as someone who’s both Greek and a linguist; but there’s lots of Indo-European grammar, lots of areal effects, lots of tussling between Latin and Greek in the lexicon, and of course its syntax is ridiculously familiar for a Greek speaker. That, and it is an isolate branch that’s quite unfamiliar to the masses, so it has exoticism appeal.