What concept do you see negatively that most people hold as a virtue?


There are lots of quotes on why consistency is overrated, which I won’t verify because I’m on my phone. Keynes’ “When things change, I change my mind; what do you do?” Emerson’s (?) “Hobgoblin of small minds”. Whitman’s “I contain multitudes.”

But the world has ever admired, and the world has long been led, by adamant, unyielding, assured men of conviction.

Usually led right off a cliff.

What are your current all time stats on Quora?

Sure. Have some stats from me.

It’s… a strange assembly of questions, my top-viewed answers. They usually are, as it turns out.

Oh well. Take it for what it’s worth.

Do you think Australian singer Delta Goodrem is pretty?

I must, must, must divorce my answer from my annoyance at her mush piano pop, her ersatz diva stylings on The Voice Australia, and my disconnection from What The Young People Are Listening To.

I must also recognise the arbitrariness of any such aesthetic survey, with such strong cultural and individual determinants in any such answer.

In that light, all I can say is, first, an individual reaction, and second, a cultural critique;

  1. Individual: Not really into blondes, man.
  2. Cultural: Yes, she embodies a certain Aryan Aussie prototype. Like a more winsome, feminine Chesty Bond.

(For a masculine chiseled counterpart to this archetype, see: Chris “Bondi Vet” Brown)