What is one thing you would change about Quora?

Philip, you do realise who you have just A2A’d, don’t you?

One thing?

Just one thing?


I’ve been measured, and self-critical, and judicious this past month or two, about all things Quora. I’ve tried to, anyway. Truly.

And just yesterday, I happened across Quora Design.

No, there’s nothing awful on that blog. On the contrary, it has some beautifully argued, well researched essays on UX. Written by the people who have been realising the UX of this website.

One thing, you said, Philip.

Ok then:

Withhold all pay from the Quora design team, until they have posted satisfactory public responses to every entry on Bug? or Feature? for the week.

Where “it’s impossible to please everyone” and variants thereof shall not be deemed satisfactory responses.

Hey, I was being nice. I didn’t say a thing about moderation!

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