Do you have nicknames for some of your favorite Quorans?

In my “I Love Youse All” series of blog posts about favourite Quorans (and I’m due to add to them), I sometimes use nicknames as well as in-jokes, and I explain them in the Clavis Quoristarum Praeclarorum series:

There aren’t that many nicknames, but the nicknames I use, stick.

  • Michael Masiello is The Magister (“the teacher, the Master”).
  • Habib Fanny is Habib le toubib (“Habib the medico”).
  • Mohammed Khateeb Kamran is Hansolophontes (“Hans Solo Slayer”—he spoiled a plot point about Hans Solo here once).
  • Gigi J Wolf is La Gigi. (Die Kat tells me that she came up with La Gigi first.)
  • Tracey Bryan is Trace.
  • Pegah Esmaili (banned) is canım (“My soul”—term of endearment at odds with her demeanour).
  • Kelley Spartiatis is (very occasionally) Madonna (her actual Greek name means Maiden-Voiced; so she sounds Like A Virgin).
  • Josephine Stefani is my Spirit Sister (because we both have Armenian partners. Which one toasts using spirits. Ararat Brandy, to be exact.)
  • Victoria Weaver is Comrade Victoria or Grazhdanka Viktoria (depending on how commie I’m feeling; “Grazhdanka” is Russian for “Citizen”).

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