Why don’t users fill in their bios on Quora?

A2A’d; and the answers already here are… old. Since the answers already here, we have also had the introduction of Quora Credentials, and we have had some pushing from Quora to populate them with reminders.

There’s a preponderance of opinion in answers to date that people don’t care about who’s writing the answer, just about the answer itself. It reflects the schism between people using Quora socially or as an expert forum (Reddit vs StackExchange): cf. Quora Compass by Nick Nicholas on The Insurgency. Not caring about who wrote the answer is not a universally held belief, and it is held now less than it was in 2011, as Quora’s user base has broadened. Not caring about who wrote the answer is also not what Quora holds, as Quora has been pushing credentials more aggressively.

Why do people still not do it?

  • It’s work, that they don’t see immediate payoff in.
  • Lots of users resent credentialism.
  • Quora’s onboarding is minimal to nonexistent. (I only discovered a month after the new credentials that you could set years of employment.)

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