What has been your best answer on Quora?

Originally Answered:

What is the single best answer you’ve ever written on Quora?

My answer after my first 1000 answers (Nick Nicholas’ answer to For Quora writers who have over 1000 answers: What is your favorite answer you have written?) is still my answer now:

Nick Nicholas’ answer to How can one summarize the Watergate scandal to a kid?

Once upon a time, there was a president called Dick.

No, that really was his name.

Why are you laughing?

Dick was very clever, and worked very hard. But he was also very angry. He was very angry, because he was sad that people didn’t think he was cool. Like the other president, Jack. People thought he was cool.

It was a lot of fun. I was asked to do a follow-up with the Iran-Contra scandal, but that was actually too depressing to contemplate.

No, I haven’t done a cartoon version of the Watergate answer. Yet.

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