Does Quora have its own emojis?


The site which has socially hacked its editor so that almost all users are convinced they can’t use emojis at all ([math]unicode{x1F61D}[/math]), and almost all of those users are patting themselves on the back at how wonderful it is that no emoji shall sully their path? ([math]unicode{x1F644}[/math])

That Quora?

Quora does not have emojis that it has advocated for the creation of in Unicode, no. But are there any emojis proper to Quora, and characteristic of it—that we might term, Quora’s own emojis?

Well, to research this question, I perused Quora’s Instagram account: Quora (@quora) • Instagram photos and videos, which seems to be using all the emojis saved up from Quora itself. The most common emoji there was the globe, which accompanies all mentions of internationalisation. ([math]unicode{x1F30E}[/math])

And yes, that’s the version of the globe emoji showing the Americas. Never forget that Quora is in Mountain View, CA; they certainly don’t.

I tried to repeat the experiment on Quora’s Twitter feed, Quora (@Quora) | Twitter; but I was quickly overwhelmed by the Shutterstock photos, and the overrepresentation of answers by Quora employees.


So. If Quora were to claim an emoji as its own, what emoji would it be?

I give you: the Thinking Face emoji!


It is an emoji which can convey multiple perspectives simultaneously.

  • The thought-provoking knowledge to be found on Quora!
  • The cogitational acrobatics of Quora’s Artificial Intelligence engines!
  • The head-scratching UX decisions! (OK, make that chin-scratching.)
  • The difficulty of working out whether this question was for real!
  • The decision processes of Quora Policy leads on whether to explicitly ban emojis from answers, and how it should be worded! (h/t User)