My Third BNBR

I know that this blog is the People’s Blog, and not my personal blog. But when I get a BNBR, it goes here.

Especially when it’s a ludicrous BNBR, meted out for paying people compliments. As they all have been.


Yeah, whatevs, Quora Moderation.

We recently found some of your content (Your comment on What do very popular non-Top Writers think they’d need to change in order to become Top Writers?) that violates Quora’s Be Nice, Be Respectful policy (See What is Quora’s “Be Nice, Be Respectful” policy?).


Please keep this policy in mind when interacting with other people on Quora. If you continue posting content that violates this policy, you may be banned from using Quora. For more information, see: How do I appeal a Quora Moderation decision?.

And believe me, I will be appealing.

If you think this is an error on our part, please submit a moderation appeal at with a link to your content.

Thank you,
Quora Moderation

Full text of comment:

Oh this is gonna be good.

The context was:

Dimitris Almyrantis’ answer to What do very popular non-Top Writers think they’d need to change in order to become Top Writers?

In response to…

I said:

“I really think you should be a TW.”

… No, actually. Given the mixed record of TWs, their indebtedness to Quora, and the crimps that it would put on Dimitris [ Dimitris Almyrantis ], the *last* thing I would want is for him to be a TW.

Λάμπε τρελό διαμάντι. 🙂

The Greek, btw, is: “Shine on you crazy diamond.”

So responding to an answer by Dimitris about why he isn’t getting the Quill, and agreeing with him that he shouldn’t compromise how he writes to get the Quill, IS INSULTING HIM?!!

It’s not Dimitris that I seek to insult. Believe me.

One appeal, coming up.

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