2017–08–17: Nick Nicholas

Nick Nicholas

I have had a lot of bile build up in me around this site and its ways, for one who has had his gall bladder removed. I am already daydreaming of how to exit this place with as big a splash as possible.

But when I deactivate Saturday my time, it will be for IRL reasons. I have had some health issues which are making it opportune for me to take a week off everything and unplug. I will replug back in the following Saturday.

If you’re going to ask “Are you OK?”, no, I’m not, which is why I’m taking a week off.

If you’re going to ask “Is it serious?”, I’m taking time off so it doesn’t become serious.

If you’re going to ask “What can I do to help?”, thank you for your concern, and the best you can do is not send me too many A2A to just sit there over the next week.

If you’re going to ask “Will you be back?”, the answer is “For now.”

Be excellent to each other.

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