At-mention interdict of blogs

On returning from my week break, I found that @-mention autocompletion no longer brought up my blog Necrologue, only the associated Quora topic Necrologue. (And a week ago, it used to.)

UX here makes you paranoid, and I immediately assumed the blog was under limdist interdict. I may or may not be wrong; I’ve repeated the experiment with the other blogs I follow or know of.

Autocomplete succeeds in bringing up the blog:

Autocomplete fails in bringing up the blog:

I am a co-owner of two of the blogs that come up on autocomplete: Bardolatry, Memes of Production. But I did not create them. I created all the blogs which fail to come up for me on autocomplete.

So on more careful inspection, it turns out that autocomplete now fails for the name of any blog you created. (I invite confirmation from others.)

Given that a BNBR was just issued against a Necrologue post, you can see why I was paranoid.

And Quora UX certainly does cultivate paranoia…

UPDATE: From comments, my paranoia may well be justified after all.

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