Does criticism of public figures and celebrities violate Quora BN/BR policy?

In Gigi J Wolf’s experience, yes: Alec Baldwin Is A Sensitive Soul by Gigi J Wolf on Rage against Quora. Only no: https://rage-against-quora.quora…

This edit block wasn’t due to the Alec Baldwin comment, but due to prior moderation issues, however I appreciate that there was a delay between the block and the actions that may have confused the matter.

If only Quora would, I dunno, provide rationales for edit blocking people or something like that. Crazy, right?

We don’t know. We have had a stray comment from Tatiana Estevez, I think, that profane banter on the site would give readers the wrong impression about what tone is acceptable on the site (the story of User’s life). Criticism per se wouldn’t. Dissing, ranting, and all round vulgarity about celebrities might trigger action, but I think that’d be more about bad luck and having a record with mods, than being a reason on its own.


Quora Moderation — Election Season PSA by Marc Bodnick on The Quora Moderation Blog

Disrespectful insults and attacks are not allowed against:

  • Democrats or Republicans generally
  • Any of the presidential candidates
  • Any other politician

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