Why is Quora claiming my questions need improvement?

The Question Bot is actually getting more aggressive about questions that make no sense without reading the question details. It’s detecting them in a hamfisted way—by looking for “this”; but…

… well, it’s doing the right thing. Questions have to make sense on their own. As Frank Dauenhauer explains.

For a more rarified instance:

Which dialect (hesitate to call it that) of Greek is being used in this translation of the Iliad?

With the translation shown as a scan in details.

Dinged, timed and again by the question bot, until I confirmed what translation I thought it was, and changed the wording to:

Which variant of Greek is being used in Alexandros Pallis’ translation of the Iliad?

OP may or may not have known whose translation it was. Lots of Greeks may not have heard of Pallis, and would find the scan in the question details more informative.

But as a one sentence question, “Alexandros Pallis’ translation” is more useful than “this translation”.

Would you not agree?

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