Which vice(s) do you most struggle with, e.g. one of the seven deadly sins?

  • Wrath: I enjoy it a little too much, though it really is more as a performance piece than a reality. The Magister Optimus Michael Masiello circulated the rage performance pieces of Eddie Pepitone recently (Michael Masiello’s answer to Who’s the best stand-up comedian whose act is awkward and funny?); they had me in stitches. Gratias tibi, bene enim me docuisti.
  • Greed: Nah.
  • Envy: Nah.
  • Gluttony: 1.68 m tall, 95 kg. Some of that is muscle. Most of it isn’t.
  • Sloth: Comes and goes, but more than I’m happy about.
  • Lust: It’s annoying to be turning middle-aged, but, well, yeah, and let’s leave it at that.
  • Pride: just look at my bios on language topics. And DO NOT call me “Mr Nicholas”. I did not spend six years in Evil Medical School, etc, etc…

I stand with Jake Williams. Pride: boom, there it is.

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