How many days did it take for you to get 1000 answer views per day in Quora? What did you do to achieve more views?

First time I hit 1000 views was two months in; last time I fell below 1000 was nine months in. At 13 months in, I’m between 2500 (on days I don’t write) and 5500 (when I write something that goes popular).

It’s been answered by others so often: write what you’re interested in, cultivate friendships with other Quorans, use pictures appropriately, have some levity. And as has also been commented by so many others, the answers that go viral are not the answers you’re most proud of. I’ve done some good joking dialogues, I’d like to think; some entertaining (if not good) cartoons; some well-researched linguistic speculations; some insightful explorations of national character.

And what do my most viewed answers say about Quora? From Nick Nicholas’ answer to What does your top answer on Quora say about you? What’s the story behind your answer? Did you have any idea it would become so popular?

  • Ooh, Greek obscenity!
  • There are many Indians on Quora.
  • Richard White is a popular Quoran.
  • Ooh, toasting in Greek!
  • Lots of Quorans are anxious about how to spell.

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