To the victor, the spoils

In The 1000 answer club, I noted that Michael Masiello, Dimitra Triantafyllidou and myself had around 940 posts, and I put up a challenge on who was to reach 1000 first.

In PM, Dimitra bowed out of the challenge, because she has a life, but she said she was happy to act as cheerleader. Only no short skirts.

I was up to 999 last night. I noted this morning Michael’s 1000th post with contentment: Michael Masiello’s answer to If I were to arrange a date at a bookstore, which book would you choose? If I took you to a bookstore and instead of splitting the bill we bought a book for each other or for ourselves, which genre or specific book would you choose?

No Callimachus for you, Magister, but have this instead:

Legend, Left to Right:

  • Dēmētēr Ainesiagos. Dimitra, Leader of Praises.
  • Nikolaos Didaktōr. Dr Nick.
  • Masiellos Magistēr.

Yes, I know very well that the Latin word magister was borrowed into Byzantine Greek as maïstōr. But this is an Ancient vase, you see.

And no, I never have seen Michael in a beret. (Yes, that’s what it’s supposed to be.) But come on. What other headgear would you picture on him?

Beret: The beret is part of the long-standing stereotype of the intellectual, film director, artist, “hipster”, poet, bohemain and beatnik.

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